Cybels Authenticate
Create Digital Trust

Digital assurance, secure encryption, secure transmission and the authentication of data are cornerstones to keeping data secure in an ever more connected world. This includes the protection of data in transit and at rest.
In order to create digital assurance, crypto keys need to be generated, managed and kept safe. Each generated key has a lifecycle consisting of three phases: key derivation, use and retention, revocation. These three phases are the same for every key despite keys being used for different purposes and in different contexts.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience, Thales has become the worldwide leader in data protection, addressing the entire information security lifecycle, the cornerstone of digital assurance. Thales helps to secure the digital transformation of the most demanding government bodies, private firms and critical infrastructure providers.

This deep industry insight continuously helps satisfying customer demands regarding anything from generating over transportation to revocation of keys.
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